Art Deco

Nearly always referred to as ‘Deco’, which is not so pretentious.  Its a really strong geometric style first introduced into France in the early 1900’s, but came into its own during 1920-1930.  This style of pattern also referred to as ‘Odeon’ is difficult to mix with anything other than Modern, Minimalist or Eclectic design and can be easily overdone.  It is often made up of stepped patterns and outlines. Popular colours and materials are gold with softer colours of the era, such as cream and beige, or steel with bright deep primary colours.  Try to avoid large pattern scales on the walls as there will be enough action on the furniture.  Angular, shiny but good quality furniture always works.

deco style mirror clock
Deco Fan Mirror
low deco style coffee table
art deco (2)
art deco 57 (3)
art deco 4
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    Art Deco Textured Glass Table Lamp