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French Style

This usually refers to the classic traditional look.  Very much like Britain, the country styles always trailed behind the more sophisticated town styles.  Unlike the town, the country style has no sense of ornamentation or opulence.  It uses natural wood finishes with fielded panels and possibly simple garland carvings.  The town design schemes are much more extravagant with toile fabrics heavily patterned, crystal chandelier lighting, gilding and tapestries in muted colours.  If you want to bring a French feel to your room where there is limited space, you could use any of the following techniques:

  • add a gilded swept mirror
  • use a stone fireplace
  • use French style Impressionist posters
  • add a chandelier (there are shallow versions for low ceilings)
  • if you have space, add an armoire with mixed vintage furniture (distressed)
  • gild the edge of existing furniture with liquid leaf