Anglaise Tea Coffee & Sugar Canister Set

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SKU: 0507620


Product Description

Add some English charm with a twist of French flair to your kitchen using our set of Anglaise tea, coffee and sugar canisters. The beautifully designed canisters are made from durable metal and given a cream finish, which is enhanced with elegant red decorative detail. Worded 'tea', 'coffee' and 'sugar' detail helps to identify each canister, with the text being surrounded by a beautiful heart design. A red lid, with handle and decorative lace detailing, fits neatly on top of the jars ensuring the contents is kept fresh for longer, allowing you to continue enjoying those full flavours. Complementing most decors, the beautiful set of Anglaise canisters will make a welcome addition in your kitchen helping to keep it organised and tidy.

Dimensions: Height 140 mm x Width 110 mm x Depth 110 mm

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