Black Leg End of Bed Sofa

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Monochromatic colourings and minimal design lines add a contemporary aesthetic to this black leg end-of-bed sofa.

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Product Description

Upholstered in soft faux fur, the sofa's backrest and seat have an opulent feel, lending it to luxe-style interiors. The simplistic seat is raised from the ground by slender, slightly tapered legs. The four legs are created from robust metal and feature a sleek black finish, contrasting with the crisp white seat.

Dimensions: Height 810 mm x Width 1200 mm x Depth 560 mm

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black leg, Black, White

Introducing our Black Leg End of Bed Sofa, a perfect fusion of opulence and minimalism. Dressed in sumptuous faux fur, this sofa exudes a luxurious charm, making it an ideal choice for sophisticated interiors. Its clean and straightforward design is elevated by slender, slightly tapered legs crafted from robust metal, elegantly finished in sleek black. This contrast with the pristine white seat creates a striking aesthetic. Not only does this sofa provide comfortable seating, but it also serves as a refined statement piece that elevates your bedroom decor. Embrace the blend of comfort and style with this exquisite addition to your living space.

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