Multicolour Collapsible Water Bottle (Set of 4)

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Multicolour Collapsible Water Bottle (Set of 4)
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SKU: 1405164

Perfect for those on the go, this set of 650ml Multicolour collapsible water bottles compact design will fit in your pocket, so you can take it anywhere. SPLIT PACK OF 2 AVAILABLE HERE.


Product Description

The bottles come in blue, green, pink and purple, so there is a colour for everyone. Each bottle has a capacity of 650ml and features a sports cap to minimise spillage. On the side, a carabiner allows you to attach the bottle to trousers, jacket or bag. When not in use, they can be collapsed, saving space at home or on the move.

Dimensions: Height 110 mm x Width 90 mm x Depth 90 mm

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Introducing our Multicolour Collapsible Water Bottles, the perfect hydration companions for those on the go. Designed with convenience and sustainability in mind, these bottles are made from high-quality, BPA-free materials, ensuring safe and eco-friendly hydration.

Featuring a collapsible design, these water bottles are incredibly space-saving, allowing you to easily store them in your bag or backpack when empty. With their vibrant multicolour options, you can choose a bottle that suits your style and stands out from the crowd.

The leak-proof lid ensures a secure seal, preventing any spills or leaks during travel or outdoor activities. Whether you’re hiking, biking, or simply running errands, these bottles are designed to keep you refreshed and hydrated throughout the day.

Each bottle is lightweight yet durable, making it a reliable companion for your active lifestyle. The wide mouth opening allows for easy filling and cleaning, while the flexible body makes it effortless to squeeze and drink from.

Stay hydrated in style while minimizing single-use plastic waste with our Multicolour Collapsible Water Bottles. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, traveler, or eco-conscious individual, these bottles offer the perfect balance of functionality, portability, and sustainability. Make a colorful statement while promoting a healthier planet. Choose our Multicolour Collapsible Water Bottles and drink with confidence wherever you go.

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